Assembly Equipment

Taylored Assembly

We are traditionally oriented in the development of projects and automations dedicated to the product to be assembled, manipulated and processed by the customer. We can therefore boast a wide range of sectors and types of products that we have worked on and that have enriched our “know how” project after project.

We work on automotive products, on plastic components for different industrial sectors and on power transmission parts (motors, gearboxes, hydraulic pumps, electric pumps, etc.) with machines, robotic islands and lines developed around the assembly needs of every single product, for every single customer.

We develop modular machines and lines with pallet transport systems completed with integrations of robotic cells for the automation of different assembly phases.

We integrate screwing and pressing systems, quality control systems. riveting, encapsulation, resin coating, marking systems and we take care of the final testing of the assembled products (electrical, mechanical, pressure and quality testing by means of vision systems).

All our machines can be equipped with a supervision system to guarantee process traceability and production efficiency.


Lean Manufacturing

lean manufactruing assembly workbench

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing, Lean production or Lean production is a production management methodology that considers the expenditure for those resources used for any other objective than the creation of value for the customer a waste. 

Lean production derives mainly from Toyota and its Toyota Production System (TPS). The Toyota Production System is renowned for its continued commitment to eliminating the seven wastes. The constant growth of Toyota, from a small company to a giant known and appreciated all over the world, has focused everyone's attention on how it was possible to achieve this goal.

We analyze the assembly processes and study improvement solutions for production.

We therefore supply manual workstations, assisted assembly lines and complete automatic assembly lines.



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