27/02/2024 - ABM new Authorized Value Provider (AVP) of ABB Robotics 

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27/02/2024Another step forward!

ABM Automazioni is pleased to announce that it has obtained the prestigious status of Authorized Value Provider (AVP) of ABB Robotics, an important partnership that opens up new perspectives in the world of industrial robotics. 

This achievement represents a significant step in the evolution and growth of ABM Automazioni as a technological partner. Together with ABB Robotics, ABM Automazioni will be able to offer a complete range of advanced and high-quality solutions to its customers, enabling them to tackle increasingly complex challenges and maintain a leadership position in the market. 

Simone Baratta, CEO of ABM Automazioni, stated: "Being designated as an Authorized Value Provider of ABB Robotics testifies to our commitment to innovation and excellence in serving our customers. We are proud of the result achieved, which represents another step forward in our growing journey". 

Looking to the future with confidence, ABM Automazioni is determined to exceed the expectations of its customers and to strive for the highest standards of quality and service. 

22/12/2023 - ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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Another step forward!

With great pleasure and extreme pride we announce that we have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Quality, process control in all its phases and analysis of results, aimed at continuous improvement, are keyfactors for our company and have driven us to achieve this important result which is just another stage in our growth path.

20/12/2023 - Christmas 2023  

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ABM Automazioni S.r.l. team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We remind you that our offices will be closed from 23/12/2023 to 01/01/2024

11/08/2023 - 2023 Summer closure 

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2023 Summer closure 

Our offices will be closed for summer vacation from 14 to 18 August! Happy holiday!

29/06/2022 - Headquarters transfer

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Good morning,

Mauro and I are pleased to inform you that ABM is moving, from Monday 4th July to a larger plant: we were born and raised in the 900 square meters of the Anzola plant and today we are moving to a new 1600 square meter plant with more suitable and modern spaces. 

This is necessary to always be in line with the expectations of our customers: precision, care, timeliness.

We want to share this further step in the life of ABM with all our collaborators who every day help us to honour the trust of our customers.

The new headquarters are in Calderara di Reno in Via Cavour, 3, also in the Bologna area, where our professional roots lie.

We hope you will come and visit us soon to show you the new spaces and the new organization.

See you soon!

Simone Baratta

23/12/2021 - Christmas 2021 

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ABM Automazioni S.r.l. team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We remind you that our offices will be closed on 24/12, 31/12 and 7/01/2022 

26/07/2021 - 2021 Summer closure 

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Our offices will be closed for summer vacation from 9 to 13 August! Happy holiday!

22/07/2021 - ABM Automazioni - Stein Automation "Authorized Value Provider"  

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ABM Automazioni - Stein Automation "Authorized Value Provider" 

Starting from July 2021, ABM Automazioni S.r.l. is recognized as an Authorized Value Provider by Stein Automation GmbH & Co. KG in the role of System Integrator, enhancing and recognizing the experience gained over the years with a lot of developments and installations of products and solutions of the German brand.

The recognition further strengthens the technical and commercial relationships  with Stein. 

19/02/2021 - ABM Automazioni Srl Capital Increase

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ABM Automazioni Srl capital increase

Thanks to the positive results achieved in the two financial years 2019 and 2020, the Board of Directors of ABM Automazioni approved and implemented, in December 2020, a capital increase from € 10,000 to € 60,000.

The goal is to consolidate the company to implement the growth plans planned for the next 5 years.

“This capital increase” explains Mauro Baratta, CEO of ABM “makes possible to strengthen shareholders' equity and create the basis for future investments. The goal is to consolidate our market position as a supplier of industrial automation tailored to customer needs. Our strategy includes investments in new technological solutions to enrich the portfolio of solutions and anticipate the needs of our reference markets ".

"The capital increase" continues Baratta "is an important message for everyone, customers and partners of ABM: continuity, innovation and the will to consolidate the company, looking to the future with positivity and the ambition of continuous growth.

It is also a beautiful message for our employees and collaborators: this operation is intended to be a recognition of the energy and professionalism that each of them dedicates to the company every day and that have allowed it to get to where we are today.

In addition, thanks to Simone Baratta, son and business partner, who strongly believes in ABM and puts all his energy into making the ambitious goals we have set concrete”.


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Our new website is ONLINE

In this situation, today more than ever, it is important to keep our customers updated on the services and solutions we can offer, for this reason the choice to renew our website too!

Follow us for the next news!

01/08/2020 - ABM: from today stronger in South America

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ABM: from today stronger in South America

Important consolidation in South America thanks to a new sales agency in Brazil, in addition to those are already active in the US, China and the EU, coordinated by the headquarters officials who directly cover the Italian market.

Welcome to Alexandre Hoerlle from AHC Automação in our family!


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