robotics capacitors assembly welding

Taylored Technology Solution

We have chosen to develop INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for a flexible, lean and connected industry, in which the equipment operations are collected, accessible, analysable and in which the MAN-MACHINE interaction is at the center of our solutions.

We are specialized in the construction of automatic machines, robotic systems and assembly lines.
We are the ideal partner for those looking for customized technological solutions.
We present ourselves as a engineering laboratory, where technologies are experimented and the know-how is constantly growing.

Application Fields

assembly robotics lean manufacturing


We analyze the assembly processes 
and we study improvement solutions for the production process.
We supply automatic machines, automatic or semi-automatic production lines for different production fields.

pharma medical tablet


We produce assembly and testing equipments for the medical field.
We also have in our portfolio different tube filling machines for effervescent tablets for the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical sector.

capacitors testing clearing automation


The Capacitors division represents our deep-rooted tradition.
We are world leaders in the production of “stand alone” machines and complete customized lines for the entire capacitors production process.

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We develop our products in different sectors proposing integrations to existing machines, feeding systems, machines, assembly lines and robotic cells dedicated to the production processes to be automated by each customer.

 A highly qualified staff with more than 30 years of experience is at  customers disposal, for design the right solution for the required application.

Starting from July 2021, ABM Automazioni S.r.l. is recognized as an Authorized Value Provider by Stein Automation GmbH & Co. KG in the role of System Integrator, enhancing and recognizing the experience gained over the years with a lot of developments and installations of products and solutions of the German brand.

The recognition further strengthens the technical and commercial relationships  with Stein. 


robot automation assembly line
robotics assembly welding electronics
assembly line lean manufacturing pump motors reducer
assembly workbench lean manufacturing screwing
palletizing robot
vials capping machine
carter motor automotive testing
case erector packaging

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